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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Two Holes are Better Than One

Taking my PA out and putting it back in regularly has recently become a part of my way to enjoy piercing. All Captive Bead Rings, Circular Bar Bells, Seamless or Segmented rings are removable at home. As with most things, all you need is the right equipment.

Either a ball can be unscrewed, unpinched, or segments can be unscrewed. The trick and the pleasure in this is to do it often. This should be something that most PA wearers are familiar with either because they want to upsize, try different styles or to stretch the piercing. Most men know how to remove their jewelry.

After a recent bout of irritation caused by pool chlorine, or loose ball pinching, or as yet unidentified sources, I have started to wear my ring equally out and in. There are advantages to both states.

The pleasures of wearing a PA ring are the subject of this blog so are impossible to repeat in a few sentences, but there are advantages to being pierced and having the jewelry out. Did you ever have someone want to give you a blowjob and balk at the metal? It can be just as much a pleasure to have the just the hole without the keeper.

The act that surprises most people is the lovely sight of cum shooting out of both holes. With the piercing in, there’s not as much space for this to happen. This can be modified by pinching the slit closed when you’re about to shoot, or by blocking the slit with something.

With my piercing out, I feel absolutely secure standing up to piss without a second look to see if I splashed my leg. And for those interested in aftermaths, I have had my PA for a few years now, normally wear a 4ga and with the ring out, piss doesn’t drip out of the hole.


he piercing hole itself likes a bit of attention. It’s located right above the frenum, and for me that is a G-spot. A bit of tongue there sends me into orbit…with the ring out it’s clear sailing.

All masturbation techniques feel different with no ring. With the metal in there is that beautiful stimulation of the urethra, but with the ring out, the cock feels absolutely 100% naked…great for all kinds of stroking.

Fucking with a ring for me is based on what my partner and I want at the time. Each state is different and can be played on.

I also often wear my ring as a matter of style. I take photographs, and for some photos the PA looks great, and for others is works better removed. Not everyone wants to see metal all the time.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Feel the Burn

After living and playing with my PA for the last few years, I finally started to have a problem in the form of irritation & redness on the bottom exit of the urethra. This is the point where the PA ring exits the piss slit, and is the point that takes the most weight movement of the ring.

I immediately jumped to a “Please No” thought that I might not be able to wear a PA, or at least not such a large one. Was this the start of the dreaded migration? Am I allergic? Do they make large gauge acrylic PA’s?

After a few days of gentle treatment but with no improvement I resigned myself to the obvious and removed the PA. Although this is a simple process, and I often take it out for sex, I didn’t like the idea of removing it out a long period of time. Early in my journey I had removed my ring for 2 days and had a few anxious moments putting it back in. Now I’m an old hand and the hole has definitely healed open. As an aside, I noticed during PA absence that I don’t drip at all when pissing…the hole stays closed enough.

After the urethral irritation subsided a bit, I put a smaller gauge ring in, and went with that for a while. The problem didn’t entirely disappear however so I was back thinking the worst. It then occurred to me that the problem had begun at the same time I restarted swimming. The pool I use is a public one and is heavily dosed with chemicals. I need goggles to prevent my eyes burning. The cause became clear to me. I have a large ring that moves a lot because it can, its gauge is large enough to hold my urethra open a bit, I wear loose speedos in the pool to give my equipment some room. Probably the piss slit irritation was caused by chlorine.

I put this out on a PA forum and it seems that some men have had this problem and some haven’t. I believe my problem was a combination of all of the above factors, the most important being the strong chemistry of the pool. But…I like to swim, the pool’s in my complex, and there are other ways to deal with this. My method is to take the ring out before swimming and put it back in after shower. One contributor suggested pissing in the pool shower to wash any chlorine residue out of the urethra, and I must admit that this is the simplest low-tech solution.

Things got better, the irritation disappeared, I passed a tentative week with my smaller gauge PA and had no problem, and am now proudly back up to my habitual 4 gauge and happy again. Crisis, what crisis?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Stand up & Stretch

Two subjects will be covered here: pissing standing up and PA hole stretching.

This was intended to be a blog entry a few months ago, in summer, called Reclaiming the Standing Position. However, procrastination has curbed the enthusiasm and given some perspective to the original thought.

Reclaiming the standing position was meant celebrate the joys and benefits of pissing standing up, which as most PA wearers know, presents a challenge. Except for pissing at a urinal, I’ve always found that pissing sitting down was the easiest way to avoid splashback on trousers. Many people think that piss splash from a PA is because urine is leaking out the PA hole, but this is not correct, unless the piercing jewelry is removed completely or someone has small metal in a large hole. As urine exits the urethra, surface tension helps it follow the easy path of the metal, until it hits either an obstacle like a bead, or loops around the PA ring, then succumbs to the laws of gravity and falls more or less straight down. The stream becomes disturbed in this transition and causes splashback. I am famous for pissing on my right knee, probably because my cock hangs naturally to the left.

During the summer it became much easier to shed the shorts completely and piss standing up, using minimal directional control on the cock itself. Bottom naked, I still get splashed on the knee sometimes, but at least bare legs are easier to clean up. I thought that I’d hit the jackpot, because I really do prefer a standing piss. Didn’t have to manhandle the cock, just guide it gently, and I was into real man-piss satisfaction. I realized also that ending the piss flow in spurts as most men do, gave a very good workout to the pubococcygeus muscles, those muscles that kegel exercises assist for better ejaculatory sensations and prostate health.

Well this is good…standing up, minimum mess, sex exercise…joy…and then autumn hit. We’re back into long trousers and shoes make it much more difficult to strip just to take a quick piss. Back to sitting down. Not pleased. However, I realized that I should piss standing when I can, not get into the habit of sitting down…keep the best of both worlds and don’t neglect one for the other.

The stretching part of this post is just a brief note on the slow adventures of upsizing. As in a previous entry I explained that I had bought a larger gauge ring, still haven’t been able to get it in, it still has sharp edges, bought an insertion taper, tried a bit but worried about blowout, trying again lately with better results.

This means that after letting time pass for my 4gauge to do its work, the insertion taper now goes in much easier and farther. Every couple of days I take out my ring and work the taper in and out a bit, twist it, lubricate it, and send it back through the hole to stay there and do its work. Erections give the operation a pleasurable edge and are recommended. In that state also there is a compulsion to play a bit, and some alternate sounding & hole stretching makes a good combination. The insertion taper is good for a shallow sound. The reverse of this system of course, is that a sound can also be used as a PA hole stretcher.

In all of this stretching and PA ring gauges, I am constantly looking up conversion charts because I buy jewelry in both gauges and millimeters depending on where it comes from. To that end I include a conversion chart.

Gauge Millimeters

20 0.812

18 1.024

16 1.291

14 1.628

12 2.053

10 2.588

8 3.264

6 4.115

4 5.189

2 6.544

0 8.251

00 9.266

000 11.110

0000 12.710

5/8" 15.875

3/4" 19.050

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Close Shave

Maybe it stops here. After upsizing and enjoying the play, I have stopped upsizing and still enjoy the play. I always knew that bigger is not necessarily better, and that after you run through every gauge number you get into zeros that seem to go on forever. Therefore perhaps the time has come to say that I may have found my best fit. Can’t go spending all of my extra cash on my cock – much as it likes attention.

This does not mean the end of PA play. This is better than ever…never tire of inventing new ways to use the cock & ring combination. I’ve thought about getting a guiche piercing to enjoy the two rings together, but since a guiche is in a place that isn’t particularly sensitive, I think that you couldn’t feel the ring moving in its hole as much as you do with a PA. It’s like an extra but a very tempting extra.

I have also been watching PA hole sounding on Xtube, and although I haven’t done much sounding, I like it, especially the idea of sliding a rod from the piss slit and out the PA hole (without the ring of course). This I have to try.

There’s another reason I like my PA so much. The truth is that my PA is a secret from the public, but is not a secret at the gym. Although I know that lots of guys have stolen a glance, nobody at my gym has asked me the classic questions – like does it hurt? I read once that the perfect response to this is “Turn around and tell me if it hurts.”

Exhibitionist that I am, I always choose the shower at the gym that can be seen from the changing room. I know that when I am soaping up, rinsing off, and shaving my cock & balls in the shower, that anyone who wants to look can look. I like that.

Among my regular gym mates are two guys who appear to be uncle & nephew. The uncle is a beefy straight guy who likes to talk hockey, the nephew is shy – doesn’t always take a shower if there is company around. He’s really too young for my taste – probably about 22, but his body is developing. He always keeps himself wrapped up or has a towel in front of his equipment so I can’t tell how he’s developing down below. His uncle is vain and spends a lot of time fixing his hair in front of the mirror, which leaves the nephew waiting on the bench.

The other day, the nephew was waiting as usual, dressed & sitting quietly waiting, and watching me shower. I know that this young guy has sneaked a look at my cock from time to time and I’m sure I heard him gasp the first time he spotted my PA. This time, he had to whole show. I’m a shy guy too, and didn’t want to be too obvious with uncle just around the corner, but I knew the young man was watching. Being observed is a sure way to get me excited, and sure enough the cock started to rise. What the hell, let him look, and look he did.

I just carried on as usual, soaping up, over the chest, rubbing hard nipples, a pinch for good measure that made the cock & its PA ring take another jump toward vertical. Soap up the belly, down around the cock & balls, into the ass, and then rinse off making sure to get hands & fingers everywhere. He’s still watching, looking hypnotized. I’m rock hard & throbbing by now and he has a great profile view of what a man with a PA really looks like.

I have shaved my cock & balls for the last 30 years, and wasn’t about to forego this ritual just because I was being watched. The blue razor slid down the cock shaft all round, over the balls, under the balls, my cock so hard that it felt like it needs stroking. He is watching with big eyes. His uncle comes back to the change room. I turn to the wall. Looking down I realize that my throbbing cock is bleeding where I’ve shaved a bit close. The nephew is gone. I have an aching boner…and it’s still bleeding. Nothing to do. Change room gets busier, I dry off, dabbing at the blood until it stops, and thinking that even though I’m not into young guys, a hot show like that is a great satisfaction and makes me even happier to have an attention-getting PA.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Hot Summer

Summer passed since the last entry; a summer full of PA play, making a few videos, lots of pics, speedo outlines at the beach, and not much of an attempt at upsizing. I still put the PA stretcher in occasionally and man is it tight…can’t get it all the way through so think I should go for a smaller stretcher, and maybe a PA ring that’s a bit smaller than my uninsertable tribal ring. The stretcher pulls the skin around the PA hole so tight that it goes white & feels like it could split. The last thing a guy wants is a damaged cock, which would be a real setback.

In the meantime I’m happy with the ring I have, particularly the large diameter. I note what happens in the gym change room and have only had one comment so far. One guy couldn’t keep his eyes off it in the shower…that always gets me excited. “Never seen one of these?” I ask. “Not one so big” he says. “Does your wife like it? he asks. Since I’m not married, I fudge it and tell him that it’s removable – which it is, and that seems to satisfy him. Most of the regulars at my gym have seen me naked hundreds of times, and even though I notice eyes going briefly there, nobody comments – each to his own. One guy brings his 20 yr old son to work out with him, and the first time the kid saw the PA in the change room he couldn’t keep his eyes off it in spite of himself. That’s good, a young man should be educated on what men do.

Sometimes I think that I have reached the optimum PA for me, since I’m not in competition with anyone and don’t have a need to have the biggest ring on the block. My PA is comfortable, just the right weight & size. In the last month I’ve taken to exercising without a jockstrap, and can feel with every step on the treadmill my PA ring knocking back and forth on the inside crotch seam of my shorts. It’s like having someone down there flicking it side to side to make me hard, and much as I love the feeling it’s a pleasure of a struggle to keep my cock from rising to the occasion.

The bead in my ring still rattles when I masturbate and I’m not sure if I like this or not. I’ve tried closing it tighter with a hammer with no success, so I guess it will just have to rattle on until I change to another one. I like noisy sex in any case, so a little rattle with the rhythm isn’t a bad thing.

Still pissing sitting down & finishing off standing up…it’s natural, don’t even think about it…whatever works. I never tire of that extra feeling that a PA brings to dressing, masturbating, and sex and have never thought of taking it out permanently, it’s now as much a part of me as my own cock is.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sharp Edges

The tribal seamless ring arrived and as always I was in a hurry to try it on. The ring opens with a setscrew, which requires a set of those tiny screwdrivers that everyone has around the house. Unscrew, unscrew, unscrew – its long. Attention that the screw doesn’t go down the drain. Okay, the screw’s out, with twists and pulls the ring opens to two half circles that eventually separate on a pin and hole pivot. Inserting half a ring into my piss slit seems logical – choosing the smoothest part for sure – but this ring has flat precise ends. I’ve put a few things down my urethra over time, but something with sharp edges doesn’t occur to me – pain has a limit. Down it goes – too far? – a bit up - the ring end appeared at the piercing hole but just wouldn’t pop through without risk of cutting myself.. I persevered, I scratched, I got frustrated had to put my beautiful old 4 ga back in and look for a solution.

I belong to a couple of Prince Albert piercing groups, so put a “what next” question out there and discovered that I needed an insertion taper which would guide the larger ring through the piercing. I ordered and I wait. Upsizing mania.

It occurs to me that this wish to go ever larger with rings, or to have more, is no different than any other adorner’s passion. But desire to have more, can sometimes overshadow the ever present of pleasure of having a ring in that particular location. I play with my PA every day, when washing, pissing, dressing, adjusting, or in sex play, and savour every moment. It’s true that I have an occasional fantasy a bigger cock, a better body - a Christmas tree of piercings and tattoos so that I looked like the animal that I am inside. In my own way I let my beast out to play and am no more perverse than the next guy.

And perverse pleasures often involve pissing. Pissing is a subject that comes up often with guys who are thinking about having a PA they worry that they will lose the pleasure of doing it standing up. I find ways to do the necessary, from urinals, to toilet seat and leg spray, to just sitting down. I usually initiate a piss sitting down, and comfortably sitting down, I piss and piss and piss – probably a small stream, but the constricted flow, prolongs the pleasure. The larger my ring gets, the less space there is for piss to flow. Sometimes I realize that I’ve been sitting there feeling the pleasure of an open urethra but that I’ve stopped pissing a while ago and am probably just cruising on the fullness of the PA ring. I like pissing and the PA is a good addition to this cockcentric ritual.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

What was that Four?

The 4 gauge captive bead ring finally arrived and I got excited just bringing it from the post box to the bathroom. Never mind…insertion is just as easy hard or soft. With my ring opening pliers, I squeezed just enough for the bead to pop out. The gap in the ring wasn’t very large, just enough to hold the bead, but inserted correctly, lowering one open end of the ring into the piss slit and letting the other end move down the underside of my dick, it wasn’t a second before the nub end of the ring inside me was showing at the PA hole. No problem. I thought that I might have to use a bit of force to pop the end through the hole, but it came through like butter. No doubt this is because the hole is well healed after all of this time and because of all of the play I have put previous rings through. It’s a bit like opening your mouth or your ass – it’s remarkable how much elasticity the body has.

Once the ring was in, it felt like it had always been there. Right at home. There was only a slight change in weight from the 6 gauge, but this for me is a good thing. The more the better.

After having the ring now for a couple of months, I can easily say that it hasn’t brought me any grief, only pleasure. There seems to be just one thing that has given me discomfort, and that is the looseness of the bead. Every once in a while in the sitting position when my package is really squeezed tight, it feels like the bead is pinching my balls. I have to stand up and shake it out, and then its okay for a few hours. Walking around is no problem, just sitting tight causes this. I figured that if the bead is loose enough to rotate, maybe it was rotating against my squeezed balls and pinching a bit of skin as it rotated. It couldn’t be pulling hair, since I shave my balls regularly. With this idea in mind, and knowing from the experience of trying to open and close the “seamless” 4 gauge ring, I’d probably have to hammer the ring just a bit to make the gap smaller. Equipped with a hammer & a couple of pieces of wood for protection, I removed the bead but left the ring in my cock and gave the ring a few hard blows – it didn’t change a thing. I suppose that with the right equipment like squeezing the ring in a vice (I’d take it out of my cock for that) I could manage its, but since the ring was so easy to adapt to, I figured that I’d put up with a bit of ball pinching and upsize again right away.

To that end I have now ordered a tribal ring that has no bead but opens with a setscrew. I’ve been working my way up to this level since the beginning, so there’s no point in keeping the 4 gauge much longer.

The new ring, since it is ordered from the UK will be 7mm (a hair more than a 2 gauge) with an inside diameter of 25mm (1 inch). Once I am into this category I can upsize easily and won’t have to worry anymore about ring opening pliers or the gap in the ring. My only consideration will be what my cock can take, and I know that I haven’t even come close to the limit on that. Meanwhile, I continue to enjoy the ring that I have, shaking it, tugging it, and bashing it around, and the big guy that it’s attached to loves all of it.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Scratch it

Finally I had some time to prepare for the insertion of my new ring. I wrapped the jaws of a couple of pairs of pliers in masking tape to protect the ring. I tried to twist the ring open as I had read that this was the best way. Nothing happened. The ring was so strong that nothing moved, like trying to open a link in a heavy chain. I repositioned the pliers a few times, pried this way and that. Nothing. I then tried to pry the ring gap apart using the straight approach and managed a millimeter. On inspection I realized that I had made a large scratch in the ring with the pliers – deep enough that it might always irritate if I wore it. I realized at this point that I could pry the ring apart if I had a vise, but how would I close it again? Put my cock in a vise? I don’t think so.

Next I tried to use my ring opening pliers, and at the risk of breaking them at their full extension, the ring opened to leave a gap of about 2mm. This was still not enough to insert it. Perhaps another 2mm would be enough to get it in. But then there was the gap-closing problem again. I have a pair of ring closing pliers, but they don’t have long enough handles to get enough leverage to close the ring. Again I only momentarily though about trying, but knew I would probably do some real damage if I tried.

Back into the drawer went the scratched ring, and back online I went to find out what I could do next. My goal is to have a tribal dream ring that opens & closes with a setscrew and is a continuous smooth ring with no bead. These also come with an inset jewel – we’ll see about that later. However in order for this system to work the ring must be minimum 2 gauge and I didn’t want to upsize too quickly from a 6 to a 2. In the end I decided to bite the bullet and order another captive bead ring in 4 gauge and leave the circular tribal ring for the next upsize.

In the meantime I kept looking at the poor lonely scratched circular ring in the drawer and thinking that I must be able to use it for something. I decided to try to fit it onto my cock just as a regular ring around the shaft and take a picture of the ring that way to demonstrate the gap. To fit it over my existing PA I had to spring it open a touch with my ring opening pliers and it seemed that the 1” diameter fit my cock perfectly. At first I was a bit worried that when my dick got hard the ring would squeeze too tightly and I’d have to resort to emergency measures to get my cock soft again…but the ring found its perfect spot just below the glans, with the gap in the ring allowing my frenum skin to squeeze out. For all intents and purposes it looked exactly like a frenum ring – something I had always wanted. In the name of experimentation I got hard, stoked and came with this ring in place and was really pleased that it felt good, looked good and didn’t scratch. Ring rescued…instead of being a bad mistake the seamless ring (with a little imagination) has become a great addition to my collection of cock rings.

Now I wait for the arrival of the 4 gauge bead ring. I’m more than ready for that, for the weight and the larger look. We’ll see if it pops anybody’s eyes out at the gym. It’s tempting to wear the bigger ring and the fake frenum together in public – a bright eye catching flash of steel to show off my cock.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Uh - oh...

I’ve been waiting for a long time to upsize to a 4 gauge, and when I finally decided to order the ring I had to decide what type I wanted. Just for a change I decided to switch from a captive bead ring to a completely smooth ring that I could turn all round. There are some beautiful tribal rings out there with a jewel stone inset, but a stone needs a large enough mount to hold it, and I didn’t want to jump too many sizes at once, so I’ll save the real jewelry for a 00.

I looked at segment rings that work just like a CBR in that they pop apart (with opening pliers) and a segment comes out instead of the bead. In the end I thought that I’d try a type with is called Seamless. Real seamless is impossible unless the ring is welded on, and I’m not ready for a torch so close to my dick – so the seamless ring actually has one joint. I ordered the 4 gauge ring in a 1 inch diameter because I still like the room that the large diameter allows when the cock is hard. I also like the weight and the look – it’s a bit more obvious than something snug. So the ring was ordered even though I didn’t quite understand how it worked. I checked the mail after a week & still nothing, so went online to find out the order status, and discovered that it was delayed because it was a special order. Really?

The ring finally arrived – not very expensive – about $50 – and when I opened it I loved it immediately – so big fat & heavy. Then I started to play with it a bit and discovered that it was as stiff as a link of heavy chain. How the hell was I going to insert the thing? What had I bought? Uh – oh…this could be a problem.

After some more research, I found out that you have to twist it open with pliers, insert it, then twist it back to close the gap. I haven’t inserted the ring yet, since it’s not a thing to do in a minute. First I’ll try preparing a couple of pairs of regular pliers by wrapping the jaws in masking tape so that the ring doesn’t get scratched, and perhaps I’ll have to use some extra padding for protection. We’ll see how the bending goes – I think it will be tough, and haven’t allowed myself to think about the force needed to close the ring and the risk of having 2 straining sets of pliers so close to my own equipment. I’ll try when I’ve got a bit of time to dedicate to the task, but am anxious to have the thing in, well closed, and admire how beautiful it looks.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Shake It Off

Too much stroking - gave myself a raw spot on the rim of my dickhead, so I’ve been trying to abstain to let things get back to normal. It could be from a few sessions of unlubed meat beating – and I mean beating – getting really wild with the thing. I cum just too fast with lube, if I’m hot enough a few strokes will do it, so I sometimes try to make myself last longer by dry wanking, I probably got a bit too energetic. It could be because my cock head is on the big side with a nice helmet ridge – that’s where I did the damage. Nothing to do with the PA, just regular guy stuff overindulgence.

Anyway – abstinence is not easy. I let myself go with lube a few times, and even though the red spot didn’t get any worse, it set back my return to smooth unblemished dick. I managed last week to get off by carefully avoiding the front of the dickhead (not the part where the PA comes out) by stroking the sweet spot frenulum just below where the PA exits. It works, and it’s always a pleasure to find new ways to shoot a load.

The other night however, after a couple of days of resistance, I couldn’t help pulling my cock out for a shake, and discovered that once I was raging hard, the shaking of my large diameter PA felt fantastic. So…I carried on this way for a few minutes, again avoiding touching the head, and got so worked up, I realized that I could probably cum this way. It wasn’t very filmable (too fast), not very pretty, but what a hot sensation. Then sure enough, with a bit of concentration, the balls started to churn, the stomach pit got butterflies, and I shook that big PA ring from side to side and presto, the surge came to a head and my cock shot it’s load.

My PA is in no way tender and can take a lot of tugging, tying up and rough play. Urethral play is a great stimulator as I have discovered by sounding, but I didn’t know that I could cum from piss slit play alone. I can’t wait to go again!

The next night, with a sleep hardon, the pressure of my cock around my PA gave me a sweet wet dream. It’s a great feeling when you’re asleep and realize that in your dream your are throbbing, aching and on the verge of cumming, and are then startled awake by and explosive orgasm. It’s a great sensation, which I credit to the PA shaking from the night before which probably tenderized my hole enough to make it even more sensitive than usual.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Piss On It

I’ve moved since the last posts so I have a few remarks to add about new circumstances and some about pissing as this seems to be an endless question for guys with new PA’s.

My move meant a new job, one where I sit down a lot as opposed to my former work which kept me always on my feet and mobile. Being mobile required finding the right underwear to keep things in place but loose. For this I usually settled on boxer briefs, but now that I am on my butt most of the time I’ve had to change things up a bit. After a few weeks sitting with my cock & PA all scrunched up between my legs, I started to have a bit of stinging in the urethra (piss slit), probably from being immobile for so long. This was easily fixed by making sure that I gave my PA a good wash regularly and the stinging went away in a matter of days. I also changed underwear type to regular loose boxers that gave my dick a chance to find it’s own place while sitting down. I do still have to stand up regularly and adjust for comfort, but haven’t had a repeat of the stinging, and adjusting is nothing to be ashamed of – it’s just an indication that you have some equipment.

In the midst of my house move I was probably jacking off less, so things got a bit immobilized down there. Now that I’m back to regular cum habits there’s plenty of possibility to my CBR to rotate and reposition itself.

Pissing. I have had so many questions about this that I think it needs an update. From laziness, I now sit down when I piss at home, but every guy knows that it feels better and the bladder seems to empty better if you piss standing up. My solution to this is to piss sitting down, then finish off by standing up. Usually when pissing standing up with a PA, the trickiest moment is aiming the initial stream, because you don’t really know where it’s going to go – depends if there’s any dried cum in the hole for instance. No worries about this if you start off sitting down. Once this is done, the pipes are clear and it’s easier to aim for the last emptying shots. I still do occasionally hit my knees with these squirts, but generally they’re under control. Sometimes there’s an after-drip, so to avoid this I dry my PA and cockhead with a bit of tissue and use the same to clean up any splashes on the toilet seat. All of this is a good trouble free solution for me.

Pissing in public is another story, but this causes fewer problems, mostly because a urinal is an ideal place to piss with a PA – it’s designed to capture splashes and side shots. I think that a lot of guys with new PA’s don’t like the idea that they’re seen using a cubicle in a public washroom (unless it has a known glory hole!) because they think it’s a girlie thing to do. In fact it’s easier to piss (and show off if you want to) into a urinal than toilet bowl (which is made for sitting down), so guys - go for it - don’t be shy - piss standing up in public, and make yourself comfortable by sitting down at home.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

After Six

Living with a 6 gauge x 1” diameter ring is a process of easy accommodation. For a week I could feel that the stretch of the piercing hole which felt a bit tight and sometimes became a mild itch. An itch deserves a scratch – but I was careful not to overdo it. Patience – let the ring do its thing.

I have lived in places where men arrange their privates in public as much as they worry their hair. Having a Prince Albert adds another dimension to the need to adjust the tackle. You feel more down there and sometimes it needs attention, so…go ahead and scratch the itch and if others don’t like to see the act they can look the other way.

A few days after inserting my new CBR and after having a few plier problems, I discovered that I had put four nicks on my brand new ring! Apart from chagrin at my bungling it made me start thinking about a new ring – but again – patience – I’ll enjoy this one and make plans for what the next one will be. The nicks are not deep in any case and they don’t scratch, so I’ll think of them as decoration.

I find myself taking out and putting in my new ring more often, partly for partner preference and partly because it is so easy to do. It is easier with the larger ring because the bead is significantly larger. With the bead removed there is plenty of gap to slide the ring out. Practice makes it easier, I get more oral attention with the ring out and even the act of removing & replacing it can be a sexy thing – but then I’m a guy who thinks that shaving is sexy.

I’m still trying to get the ultimate photo which demonstrates the proportion of cock to ring and haven’t quite got there yet, but have had a huge amount of enjoyment trying.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Loading a Six Shooter

The time has arrived after more that 2 years from the original piercing to upsize again. I have always been a bit foggy on gauges, numbers & dimensions, feeling that the idea was look & comfort rather than statistics, so I wasn’t even sure up until this point what gauge my current PA ring was. After looking at charts & attempting not very successfully to measure (mm’s are tiny!) I took an educated guess that my captive bead ring was probably an 8 gauge. An experienced piercer can read the gauge at a glance, but I am not one of them. Therefore, when I decided to buy the next size up, I ordered a 6 gauge – not sure if it would arrive looking huge or the same as my current one.

I seemed to have guessed correctly, as the 6 which arrived was a size up from mine, but what surprised me, was the diameter. I have been wearing an 8 with a 1” diameter, but a 6 with a 1” inside diameter looked enormous. It was a bit of a shock – on the pleasant side – I can go for big – and I didn’t want to take the chance of the new ring pinching out thoughts migration – as my original PA ring had done when I was hard.

After having been so glib in my last blog entry about the ease of removing and replacing a captive bead ring, I was had a few surprises. It had been pointed out to me that I should be able to remove & replace my 8 gauge using just my hands without any need for pliers. For the sake of experiment I pried the ring apart with my fingers and the bead dropped out. I probably could have pried the ring further open with my fingers but pliers made the job easier.

Just a remark about tools here, as I have heard putdowns from some quarters that tools are a waste of time. I agree that you could get through your whole PA’d life without owning a single tool – it’s not necessary. You could go to your piercer and have your jewelry changed or you could select the type of jewelry which is easily changed without tools. You might try curved barbells, spring loaded CBR’s or segment rings. I have a regular Captive Bead Ring because I like it, and I have the tools to remove and replace it because they are more precise and easier to use than brute force. The scoffers are missing a point, and that is – guys like to play with tools. It’s that simple.

So…the time came to insert the new 6 gauge CBR. I waited an entire 24 hours before doing this, as I wanted to have a bit of time to play & feel how life was like without my PA. The entire time I felt improperly undressed however and couldn’t wait to put my new ring in. I opened the ring a bit to make a good gap for easier insertion but now with the new ring noticeably thicker than my old one, I had to put one end straight in – none of this gently lowering into the slit – I just plunged in – but then froze up for a moment as I couldn’t find the exit hole. No pain of course, just frustration, so after a couple of deep breaths, I aimed again and this time noticed the grey of the steel showing through my PA hole. The ring didn’t pop through as easily as my smaller one, but with a little gentle coaxing, rather like poking your finger through a small hole in a piece of cloth, the skin around the hold stretched enough to let the ring through – and voila – new ring in place.

For some reason, I performed this whole process without lube of any kind, just a bit of water – don’t know why – couldn’t be bothered to go get it – didn’t want to make a mess – but the insertion went smoothly. I pulled the ring around so that its gap was away from me and got out my ring closing pliers. I was attempting to do all of this in a few minutes before going to work so was in a rush, but wanted my new ring in place. I positioned the closing pliers around the ring and squeezed. Nothing. I repositioned and squeezed again. Nothing. At this point I was nervous about slipping with the pliers and taking a gouge out of myself in some inconvenient place. Because the 6 gauge was substantially thicker than my old 8 gauge, my pliers couldn’t close it.

Options: I could leave out both rings entirely
I could re-insert my old 8 gauge
I could order some really heavy duty pliers
I could try wearing my 6 gauge without the bead

In the end I opted for the latter, as the ring didn’t seem to move much, thanks to how well if stretched to fit the piercing hole. So off to work I went with an uncaptive bead ring in place, ducking around corners every once in a while to check that the ring wasn’t moving. That night once home I gave the thing a christening, but in the process the ring slipped out in the flood of cum, so I was back where I started.

In the meantime, a reader named tr6flyer had left a comment on my 2 year blog entry with a tip about how to get the bead back in. He suggested squeezing the ring closed to a bit tighter than the diameter of the ball, then with the ring opening pliers, opening it up just enough to fit the ball in place letting the natural tension of the steel to re-close with the ball in place. Worth a try.

With the ring out I used regular wide jaw pliers, wrapped the jaws with tape to protect my ring, and squeezed the ring more tightly closed. I didn’t want to close it too much, but had to leave enough of a gap to re-insert the ring into my urethra, and with the gap slightly smaller than the ball. Surprisingly enough – this time with lube – the ring went easily down the urethra and popped out the piercing. The rest was just as tr6flyer had suggested – with the ring in place I opened the ring just enough (with pliers! – for all the non tool guys out there) to fit the bead in place. It was a bit loose for my liking, the bead rotating very freely and I thought I might lose it, so I removed the ring again, squeezed it a bit tighter, re-inserted, squeezed the ring open a bit, set the bead in place, let the pliers loose and this time they held the bead snugly with only a bit of movement. Perfect.

I have noticed several immediate changes since I have put in the new ring. When I piss there seems to be much less second stream. This could be a combination of things from the large diameter of the ring, to the fact that the piercing hole is now completely filled by the thickness of the ring with no room for leakage. I suspect that this effect is temporary. The second unexpected change is a desire to go for thicker rings. I was a bit so-so on this before, but now find myself looking with shoppers lust at 0 gauge tribal dream rings. Perhaps it is because I like my new 6 gauge so much, and like the fuller feeling that if gives me, that I can’t wait to upsize again. I have heard it said that this upsizing thing is not a race and this is correct, but now understand the rush. This is why so many guys who have had a PA for a few years end up with a large collection of jewelry. After a few years of upsizing and trying different styles in the quest to find the perfect match, there are a few cast offs along the way. I think my 6 gauge will be with me for a while, so I should stop looking at other stuff and just enjoy what I have for the time being.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Remove & Replace Prince Albert

To resolve my own questions and to accommodate certain moments, I learned how to remove my PA at home and put it back in again. I researched, I bought pliers, I learned, and I didn’t hurt myself.

My PA is a captive bead ring and is not a thick gauge but large in diameter. I like how it feels on my cock. The higher the gauge the thicker the steel, the harder to bend, so mine was not hard to open and close. I suspect that with some force it could be opened enough by hand for the bead to fall out, but brute force isn’t always the way to treat a cock. So I invested in ring opening and closing pliers, which made the operation easy. I chose both pliers according to the size of my current ring.

I wrapped rubber bands on the forks of the opening pliers to protect the jewelry, but a well-placed soft cloth will do. With the bead of the ring turned away from you, put the head of the opening pliers inside the ring of the PA, squeeze the handles, the ring opens nicely, and the bead falls out. Don’t lose it.

Next I opened the ring a bit more with the pliers to make the gap wide enough to pass the flesh between the urethra and the outside of my penis. I rotated the ring around with my fingers until the end popped inside the piercing, and from there I gently pulled the ring straight up out of the slit. Be careful not to scratch the inside of your cock too much as you pull it out – you’ll feel it afterward. And the ring is out.

While I had the ring in my hand, it seemed like a good time to clean it well – don’t drop it down the sink. Clean as well as you can, inside the dimples on the bead. Don’t scratch it.

I waited 24 hours to put the ring back in - not because of any problems – but so I could play a while with a ringless cock. I decided that I liked it better with the ring in.

To put the PA back in, I reversed the procedure. Lube the ring. I didn’t try to push one blunt end of the ring straight into the piss hole, but since the slit is wide enough, just eased one curved end of the ring down the hole, with the gap in the ring facing away from me, down it goes, and before you know it, pop, the end is showing through the piercing. Rotate the ring until the gap is far enough away from you that it won’t slip back in the piercing hole. It wants to move.

Next came the ring closing pliers. Because I haven’t watched any of my insertions too closely, I mistakenly thought that the ring closing pliers would squeeze the ring tightly onto the bead. Not so. Without the bead, use the protected ring pliers to squeeze the gap in the ring smaller, so that with your fingers you can force the bead pop into place with the ring ends into the two bead dimples. This might take a few tries to get the gap space right, but you can re-open the ring a bit with the other pliers if necessary. The bead should snap in tightly – you don’t want to lose it in an awkward moment – but still loose enough so you can rotate the bead a bit. And you’re done.

It is probably easier to replace the ring on a soft cock, but for the rest of the procedure you can let yourself get as excited as you like.

I have read that re-insertion is the tricky part. As I have had a PA for a while, and enjoy the extra urethral stimulation it gives me, I have tried out a gentle sounding. This type of play took away any discomfort or fear I had about sticking a smooth lubed ring partway down my piss hole. I have only ever sounded with my PA in place, and they go well together. This doesn’t mean that someone with an 00ga should also try to stick his finger down the tube. It’s all a matter of what fits and what doesn’t do damage. My piercing is very well healed, and I’ve taken to sometimes forcing my cock to shoot out the cum piercing hole, so I know that the door is definitely open and in good shape.

I can’t see any problem with upsizing gradually at home given the right tools, attention and a bit of practice. I look forward to changing my jewelry to fit any occasion.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Two years after

At this point I should explain some of my reasons behind getting a Prince Albert piercing. Apart from the fact that from the first moment I saw a photo of a PA, I wanted one, there are several factors which influenced the decision to actually do it.

The desire was there, but what about the practical considerations. When I had my nipples pierced, I asked the piercer (who was a married man) how he dealt with making love to his wife with a Prince Albert. He told me that he wore condoms to make it more comfortable for her (I didn’t ask him how many or how large his piercings were) - but I realized that having a piercing didn’t prohibit penetrative sex.

My own sex life, which for years has been exclusively male, would probably remain unaffected, as I seemed to be the one who was often on the receiving end. This was not always my choice, but when push came to shove, most of the men I met couldn’t let me enter them without pain, so I offered myself instead. I’m easy. My man at the moment is of the same mind. He would like me to fuck him, but can’t take it, so he fucks me. Since I am in a strictly monogamous relationship, I knew that I wouldn’t be fucking anyone anytime soon, I might as well go ahead with the piercing.

In my current relationship my own sexual gratification came in the form of masturbation – apart from of course the great satisfaction I have from all sorts of play and the very real pleasure of being fucked. Some might consider masturbation a substitute for sex, but it is as valid as any other non reproductive sexual act. I have always been a masturbator, and have always loved and have indulged as often as possible. I really believe that it is good for physical and psychological health. So…if I was masturbator, why not enhance the pleasure in some way? For this something, I chose a Prince Albert. A PA is certainly not the only method to elaborate on a theme, but after all the toys and tryouts of a long sexual life, I have found the PA to be the best real enhancement

I believe that getting or living with a PA is a matter of balance. How much you use it or abuse it, how much you upsize or downsize or change jewelry, is all good as long as you don’t forget to keep some balance. Take diameter for example. I now realize that if I had the opportunity for penetration with my first ¾ “ diameter piercing, the ring was so snug that the piecing would feel more or less like a nub at the underside of the cock head, and a blind man (or woman) would have ever known it was there. Since this first piercing pinched when I was fully erect, I had a 1” diameter one put in, which is a perfect size for me. This 1” ring might be uncomfortable for someone on the receiving end, but then again it might be more pleasurable. I have heard no bad reports from givers or receivers, only positive ones.

I know that mock fucking whether hard or just barely touching, moves the ring around enough to make the sensation extremely pleasurable – it gives an incredible extra inner urethral stimulation. Because of the pleasure of urethral stimulation, I have begun to experiment with sounding. This offers the same inner cock pleasure, but deeper, but is more risky, and absolutely can be done with a Prince Albert piercing inserted – depending on the gauge. The urethra is remarkable flexible.

It’s odd how often I hear comments from men who are heavily tattooed, that having a PA done must hurt. I don’t understand the squeamishness many males have when it comes to their pricks. The balls (not the ball sac) are perhaps more prone to injury, though balls and sacs can be put through their paces, but the penis can take a remarkable amount of punishment and bounce right back. These tattooed men have certainly experienced worse, more prolonged pain that a Prince Albert piercing could ever inflict. I guess it’s just that “be careful with the jewels” mentality, which is not applied to hands, feet, or noses. Take care yes, but being over protective is not necessary.

I spoke in the last entry about clipping a key strap onto the PA and hanging the strap out the waistband of trousers (providing you are not in an environment where the strap might catch on something) and have come to prefer this method of dressing. With the cock held up out of the way, the balls rub pleasantly on the crotch seam of jeans (no underwear please!). Any excitation is not too visible to the world, and any precum just nicely bathes the cockhead without making telltale wet spots in the jeans. Perhaps what has encouraged me to dress this way more often is the recent acquisition of a harness which can also be worn under clothes. This makes an ideal hitching post for the Prince Albert, and somehow the black leather harness with the cock hooked on, add up to a perfect combination.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Eighteen months after

Any healing that there ever was to do, has long since been done, so with the risk of damage out of the way, the imagination begins to look for ways to play. The nature of a PA, besides its look, is as a tether ring. Whether for hanging some ornament – a bell or a weight - on a cock, or using a ring as part of a method of control, a PA is made for using.

The original principle of the Prince Albert was supposedly to control a cock’s position in a Victorian period of tight trousers. Very well. Try tying the ring to the thigh. Something soft works best – leather can pinch. Try tying the cock up to a belt, a pocket, a body harness or a leash over the shoulder.

I have experimented tying my cock vertically or obliquely so that when I got an erection it wouldn’t show under the clothes – pointing straight out would be a bit obvious. I tried clip rings like those that attach a dog leash, but didn’t want to scratch the stainless of the PA, so hunted down plastic key clips. I can attach one of these to a skateboarder’s key strap, clip onto my PA, loop the key strap over my trouser waistband, and off we go. If I feel myself getting hard and starting to show too much, I can give the key strap a tug, which pulls the cock up, and jerks on the ring causing the erection to stiffen, but the full glory is hidden by a trouser crease or a long shirt.

I can attach 2 of these plastic clips together to span the short distance between the PA and a belt loop without the world knowing that what’s in my pocket is not a set of keys. I can attach one clip to a key strap and loop it round my neck – which is almost comfortable enough to sleep in, but any movement pulls on the cock enough to excite it all over again.
This kind of play enhances the secret pleasure of having a raging secret, intensely felt but hidden.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Ten months after

The PA still a great addition. Sometimes I think that because my cock is cut – that is, I have no foreskin – that the washing after pissing and the concentration of pissing without spraying everywhere is like having the foreskin I never knew. Since all men who are uncut need to pay close attention to their hygiene, the act of post piss washing is a nice masculine ritual.
My attempts to piss standing up have had mixed results. I have stood backwards with my butt against the toilet tank. This works reasonably well but is best done naked or with my cock out of the fly of my underwear or trousers. It’s a bit risky in long pants at work. I tried it once but was convinced that somewhere I had pissed on my pantlegs. Still it’s a pleasure to piss standing. It feels like I have more control, and this is something I am used to.
The PA has healed so well that I can excite myself pretty well by rubbing the PA over any rough surface (like a computer keyboard – who knows what story it might be writing!) – and carried further sometimes get into bashing the PA on the mousepad to a hard rhythm. I can now jack off successfully without lube.
I also just got a larger gauge bead ring in my nipple, and am curious about stretching my piercings. What would if feel like to have a frenum piercing? It’s my most sensitive spot! I was worried that a PA would get in the way of hitting this G-spot but it has only made the spot a bit more inaccessible. How would that sensitive frenum feel stretched out with one of those ear stretching plugs? The interesting part about the frenum, is that it has extremely sensitive surface nerves and deeper stimulating nerves against the muscle shaft of a hard cock. Would I have to take the PA out to put in a frenum piercing like this?
I have been imagining a type of PA which has a point for pissing like a Princes Wand, but are wearable and can be rotated for cleanliness. Haven’t found the solution yet but the mind is working how this might be designed.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Seven months after

Although I still miss pissing standing up – and perhaps that will never go away – like an ex-smoker never loses the desire, I still have that tickle, tingle, massaging sensation when the urine shoots through the urethra and past the PA. I like the sound when I sit down - if my cock is relaxed enough - of the chink of metal on porcelain.

I find it exciting whether soft or hard to flick the PA with fingers without touching my cock. It’s a different kind of stimulation that I’m slowly getting used to – tickling myself without touching myself.

There definitely is no kind of pain any more no matter how hard I play with myself. I’m enjoying the clicking sound of a hard beatoff – not sure if that’s from the PA hitting the head or the urethra opening and closing but it’s becoming more pleasurable.


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Six months after

Things have settled down a bit. I find that I am jacking off less, as it’s harder to cum with the ring whacking around. I can do things quickly with lube, but that always feels a bit messy, sticky and feels like cheating. Therefore I wind myself up, get hard, try jacking off but can’t cum so easily. This means that sometimes a week will go by without ejaculation, which for me is a long time. This wait only makes me more eager. I’ve always jacked off using my thumb and forefinger to create a tight ring, but find that this thrashes the PA around quite a bit which can in itself be enjoyable, but I have discovered that a full fist approach, though it takes longer, gives me a deeper irresistible orgasm. I have also taken to washing my PA after every urination which keeps it beautifully shiny clean – like my cock head – and therefore doesn’t leave any crystal deposit which can irritate when with movement it tries to re-enter the piercing. It’s almost like it isn’t there because it doesn’t irritate me, yet at the same time is there because I can always feel it. Sometimes the warm water stimulation lets out a little more urine into the sink, but that’s just enough of the forbidden Englishman’s vice of pissing in the bathtub, to make the procedure even more pleasurable.
I still don’t really like the fact that I have to sit down to piss, especially as I can’t hear anything unless I back up on the toilet seat so that the stream hits the water. I can’t tell without looking if I have finished pissing or not. I had to pee last week out on a hike, and was a bit nervous as I wasn’t sure if I would soak my pants and shoes by pissing standing up, but all went well, just had to remember to do things with my legs apart and watch out for splashes. Maybe one of these years I’ll try a Princes Wand with a sounding tube that I can piss out of.
I asked my nephew about the pissing problem. He says he mastered it after a month by rotating the ring round to the piercing so that it wouldn’t spray. I tried this, and still piss in two streams, one main force and the one that follows the ring. Maybe because he’s younger his stream is stronger than mine.
He says that fucking women with a PA gives him a more intense orgasm. I haven’t tried, but notice when beating off with lube that I come as always in record time with lube, and love the sensation of the ring sliding around in the urethra. I’m experimenting with new jack off techniques, like taking my time and not beating the head & piercing, but concentrating on the shaft without touching the head. This needs more work & time but seems to be a stronger cum rising up from the balls.

Eight weeks after

Went into the studio where I had the piercing done, just to investigate what was available. By this time, I had more or less decided on keeping a captive bead ring, so asked about what they had. Surprisingly they had a 1-inch ring, and the cost was so low that I decided to go for it then and there. No pain or discomfort on the insertion and off I went. There were a few moments of doubt that perhaps I had gone for one too large, but on getting the first erection, I discovered that the new ring was absolutely perfectly in scale with my cock. I didn’t try masturbating right away, but took a few photos instead and on looking at them knew for sure that I had made the right decision.
A couple of days later I tried masturbating, not sure if the larger ring would inhibit the sensation. I discovered when lubed up by precum I could hook one finger around the bead and slide the whole ring back and forth while I jacked myself off. The cool metal feel of the smooth ring was like the best pleasure of pissing or cumming. Having waited so long between sessions I was so ready that I shot with only minimal stimulation on my pole. I came immediately. The new PA was a good, no…an excellent choice.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Six weeks after

The Prince Albert piercing has absolutely healed. No pain at all. I can sleep however I like, even on my stomach, squashing my cock underneath – I can feel it but it doesn’t hurt.

Still using gel to jack off. Tried once without and managed it – intrigued by the whacking wet noise the PA makes and stimulated by the bit of extra weight. Bit of a long session though, which left a few tender marks, but this can happen anyway after a long unlubricated session.

One other trick I have tried in the past however did backfire. Since I shave my cock and balls and have done for at least 20 years, I sometimes douse the newly shaven bits with some rubbing alcohol. Yes it stings, it get hot, but in a good way. Tried the alcohol on my cock about a month ago and it burned all right – inside and out. The burning stayed on the inside for almost a week making pissing uncomfortable again. Won’t try that again for a while.

At this stage I’m experimenting by hanging things from the PA. I wore a bell for a while around the house. Pleasant tease. Now I sometimes wear a chain that reaches to my ankle. The swinging feels great. I have also tried attaching the chain to my nipple piercing which looks great, feels great, but is more effective without clothes. I have also jacked off with a shorter chain – but at this point it pulls a bit too much. No painful after-effects in any case.

Still taking photos of the PA which looks great seen from outside. Managed to get a few photos while cumming, but will try for a better shots.

Prince Albert one month after

Prince Alberts have been around for a while but only recently have become popular. Piercing and other body art popularity has been helped by the “tribes” mentality. I belong to my tribe and within my tribe I have my markings. Odd haircuts, tattoos and piercings in public or private places, give us a sense of belonging, no matter how far we stray from the ordinary.

Since I learned to masturbate I have always been cockcentric. It’s always been love, and a good body attached to a cock doesn’t diminish the beauty. The cock and how it feels however has always been the point. A priest introduced me to cockrings and shaving. I’ve always loved mirrors, exhibitionism and pornography, so it’s possible to imagine the private (and sometimes public) fantasies played out.

Ten years ago I had both nipples pierced at the same time – a breathtaking shock for someone who has always had nerve like an electric wire connecting his nipples and his cock. I loved my rings immediately – having in the past used tit clamps, clothes pegs or anything else that came to hand. Now I could hang things off them. I paid for a little early overindulgence, hanging too many chains on myself too soon. I understood where that English expression “it gets on your tits” comes from - something can grate on you enough to make you aggressive. Being reminded of a by a forbidden pain made the experience erotic.

Recently, after being trumped in the unspoken “first to have a PA” stakes by a nephew, I decided it was time I made another step in my cock world to have a Prince Albert done myself. The Internet is a great tool for research – it helped make the decision easier – a lot of information and hot photos of men and their tackle. The process was less painful but as shocking as the nipple piercing – and the pleasurable shock of immediately seeing your cock dressed in steel. The tenderness lasts a while and is helped by backing off on the habit of whacking it regularly – this in itself a pleasant torture. Like any good toy, the games are endless and slowly the real pleasure of the PA begins to make itself known. When getting hard, the new urethral stimulation makes the ring slide around giving an instant of the same prick head feeling of cumming. The slight pinch and the sliding movement during the process of erection, and the reverse movement of going soft, make you want to begin the process all over again. This hard soft play educates the nerves to zero in on the pleasure of something cum out of the urethra. It could be a Prince Albert, or a sound, or piss or best of all - cum. It lacks the ballsy explosion of the real thing, but its a great tease.

One of the most sensitive points on my penis is the frenum just below the glans so I was worried that putting a hole in this area would diminish sensibility since I can make myself come in a few seconds by concentrating on that part. My Prince Albert exits above this point so I can still concentrate stimulation there without any loss of pleasure.

I was disturbed at first by having to piss sitting down. I’m the kind of guy who does it standing with the waterfall straight into the pool. Pissing sitting down, I can’t tell whether I’ve started or finished. I have discovered however that if my dick head is close enough to the bowl I can feel the pressure from the stream vibrating my PA. Great! I’m looking around for a PA or barbell or wand that will let me piss straight out in spectacular form.

Meanwhile, I continue to play and discover, and can’t wait until I’m toughened up enough to connect myself to a leash, a weight, or my own body in ways that would scandalize the original Prince Albert.

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