Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sharp Edges

The tribal seamless ring arrived and as always I was in a hurry to try it on. The ring opens with a setscrew, which requires a set of those tiny screwdrivers that everyone has around the house. Unscrew, unscrew, unscrew – its long. Attention that the screw doesn’t go down the drain. Okay, the screw’s out, with twists and pulls the ring opens to two half circles that eventually separate on a pin and hole pivot. Inserting half a ring into my piss slit seems logical – choosing the smoothest part for sure – but this ring has flat precise ends. I’ve put a few things down my urethra over time, but something with sharp edges doesn’t occur to me – pain has a limit. Down it goes – too far? – a bit up - the ring end appeared at the piercing hole but just wouldn’t pop through without risk of cutting myself.. I persevered, I scratched, I got frustrated had to put my beautiful old 4 ga back in and look for a solution.

I belong to a couple of Prince Albert piercing groups, so put a “what next” question out there and discovered that I needed an insertion taper which would guide the larger ring through the piercing. I ordered and I wait. Upsizing mania.

It occurs to me that this wish to go ever larger with rings, or to have more, is no different than any other adorner’s passion. But desire to have more, can sometimes overshadow the ever present of pleasure of having a ring in that particular location. I play with my PA every day, when washing, pissing, dressing, adjusting, or in sex play, and savour every moment. It’s true that I have an occasional fantasy a bigger cock, a better body - a Christmas tree of piercings and tattoos so that I looked like the animal that I am inside. In my own way I let my beast out to play and am no more perverse than the next guy.

And perverse pleasures often involve pissing. Pissing is a subject that comes up often with guys who are thinking about having a PA they worry that they will lose the pleasure of doing it standing up. I find ways to do the necessary, from urinals, to toilet seat and leg spray, to just sitting down. I usually initiate a piss sitting down, and comfortably sitting down, I piss and piss and piss – probably a small stream, but the constricted flow, prolongs the pleasure. The larger my ring gets, the less space there is for piss to flow. Sometimes I realize that I’ve been sitting there feeling the pleasure of an open urethra but that I’ve stopped pissing a while ago and am probably just cruising on the fullness of the PA ring. I like pissing and the PA is a good addition to this cockcentric ritual.


Anonymous said...

First, I love your blog. I am a month and two weeks into my PA and love it! your blog has helped me a great deal understanding what to expect when I got the piercing, and care afterwards. I Have gone up two sizes so far and love the feel of taking my time, stretching my PA hole to fit the larger size (Im at a 6g now). I have a question about your resent piercing; is the ring on your thumb the Tribal Ring you are talking about? Where do you get your jewelry from?
Thanks and keep up the great posting,

jameslycra said...

I LOVE YOUR PIERCINGS... Ihave a barbell PA with two large steel balls on each end and love it...