Monday, October 13, 2008

Hot Summer

Summer passed since the last entry; a summer full of PA play, making a few videos, lots of pics, speedo outlines at the beach, and not much of an attempt at upsizing. I still put the PA stretcher in occasionally and man is it tight…can’t get it all the way through so think I should go for a smaller stretcher, and maybe a PA ring that’s a bit smaller than my uninsertable tribal ring. The stretcher pulls the skin around the PA hole so tight that it goes white & feels like it could split. The last thing a guy wants is a damaged cock, which would be a real setback.

In the meantime I’m happy with the ring I have, particularly the large diameter. I note what happens in the gym change room and have only had one comment so far. One guy couldn’t keep his eyes off it in the shower…that always gets me excited. “Never seen one of these?” I ask. “Not one so big” he says. “Does your wife like it? he asks. Since I’m not married, I fudge it and tell him that it’s removable – which it is, and that seems to satisfy him. Most of the regulars at my gym have seen me naked hundreds of times, and even though I notice eyes going briefly there, nobody comments – each to his own. One guy brings his 20 yr old son to work out with him, and the first time the kid saw the PA in the change room he couldn’t keep his eyes off it in spite of himself. That’s good, a young man should be educated on what men do.

Sometimes I think that I have reached the optimum PA for me, since I’m not in competition with anyone and don’t have a need to have the biggest ring on the block. My PA is comfortable, just the right weight & size. In the last month I’ve taken to exercising without a jockstrap, and can feel with every step on the treadmill my PA ring knocking back and forth on the inside crotch seam of my shorts. It’s like having someone down there flicking it side to side to make me hard, and much as I love the feeling it’s a pleasure of a struggle to keep my cock from rising to the occasion.

The bead in my ring still rattles when I masturbate and I’m not sure if I like this or not. I’ve tried closing it tighter with a hammer with no success, so I guess it will just have to rattle on until I change to another one. I like noisy sex in any case, so a little rattle with the rhythm isn’t a bad thing.

Still pissing sitting down & finishing off standing up…it’s natural, don’t even think about it…whatever works. I never tire of that extra feeling that a PA brings to dressing, masturbating, and sex and have never thought of taking it out permanently, it’s now as much a part of me as my own cock is.

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mplsmarc said...

Hi, I was wondering what that cool cock ring that attaches to the Prince Albert is called - in the picture above. Or where I can get one. I just got my pa and loving it! Thanks.