Saturday, March 15, 2008

What was that Four?

The 4 gauge captive bead ring finally arrived and I got excited just bringing it from the post box to the bathroom. Never mind…insertion is just as easy hard or soft. With my ring opening pliers, I squeezed just enough for the bead to pop out. The gap in the ring wasn’t very large, just enough to hold the bead, but inserted correctly, lowering one open end of the ring into the piss slit and letting the other end move down the underside of my dick, it wasn’t a second before the nub end of the ring inside me was showing at the PA hole. No problem. I thought that I might have to use a bit of force to pop the end through the hole, but it came through like butter. No doubt this is because the hole is well healed after all of this time and because of all of the play I have put previous rings through. It’s a bit like opening your mouth or your ass – it’s remarkable how much elasticity the body has.

Once the ring was in, it felt like it had always been there. Right at home. There was only a slight change in weight from the 6 gauge, but this for me is a good thing. The more the better.

After having the ring now for a couple of months, I can easily say that it hasn’t brought me any grief, only pleasure. There seems to be just one thing that has given me discomfort, and that is the looseness of the bead. Every once in a while in the sitting position when my package is really squeezed tight, it feels like the bead is pinching my balls. I have to stand up and shake it out, and then its okay for a few hours. Walking around is no problem, just sitting tight causes this. I figured that if the bead is loose enough to rotate, maybe it was rotating against my squeezed balls and pinching a bit of skin as it rotated. It couldn’t be pulling hair, since I shave my balls regularly. With this idea in mind, and knowing from the experience of trying to open and close the “seamless” 4 gauge ring, I’d probably have to hammer the ring just a bit to make the gap smaller. Equipped with a hammer & a couple of pieces of wood for protection, I removed the bead but left the ring in my cock and gave the ring a few hard blows – it didn’t change a thing. I suppose that with the right equipment like squeezing the ring in a vice (I’d take it out of my cock for that) I could manage its, but since the ring was so easy to adapt to, I figured that I’d put up with a bit of ball pinching and upsize again right away.

To that end I have now ordered a tribal ring that has no bead but opens with a setscrew. I’ve been working my way up to this level since the beginning, so there’s no point in keeping the 4 gauge much longer.

The new ring, since it is ordered from the UK will be 7mm (a hair more than a 2 gauge) with an inside diameter of 25mm (1 inch). Once I am into this category I can upsize easily and won’t have to worry anymore about ring opening pliers or the gap in the ring. My only consideration will be what my cock can take, and I know that I haven’t even come close to the limit on that. Meanwhile, I continue to enjoy the ring that I have, shaking it, tugging it, and bashing it around, and the big guy that it’s attached to loves all of it.

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