Saturday, December 29, 2007

Scratch it

Finally I had some time to prepare for the insertion of my new ring. I wrapped the jaws of a couple of pairs of pliers in masking tape to protect the ring. I tried to twist the ring open as I had read that this was the best way. Nothing happened. The ring was so strong that nothing moved, like trying to open a link in a heavy chain. I repositioned the pliers a few times, pried this way and that. Nothing. I then tried to pry the ring gap apart using the straight approach and managed a millimeter. On inspection I realized that I had made a large scratch in the ring with the pliers – deep enough that it might always irritate if I wore it. I realized at this point that I could pry the ring apart if I had a vise, but how would I close it again? Put my cock in a vise? I don’t think so.

Next I tried to use my ring opening pliers, and at the risk of breaking them at their full extension, the ring opened to leave a gap of about 2mm. This was still not enough to insert it. Perhaps another 2mm would be enough to get it in. But then there was the gap-closing problem again. I have a pair of ring closing pliers, but they don’t have long enough handles to get enough leverage to close the ring. Again I only momentarily though about trying, but knew I would probably do some real damage if I tried.

Back into the drawer went the scratched ring, and back online I went to find out what I could do next. My goal is to have a tribal dream ring that opens & closes with a setscrew and is a continuous smooth ring with no bead. These also come with an inset jewel – we’ll see about that later. However in order for this system to work the ring must be minimum 2 gauge and I didn’t want to upsize too quickly from a 6 to a 2. In the end I decided to bite the bullet and order another captive bead ring in 4 gauge and leave the circular tribal ring for the next upsize.

In the meantime I kept looking at the poor lonely scratched circular ring in the drawer and thinking that I must be able to use it for something. I decided to try to fit it onto my cock just as a regular ring around the shaft and take a picture of the ring that way to demonstrate the gap. To fit it over my existing PA I had to spring it open a touch with my ring opening pliers and it seemed that the 1” diameter fit my cock perfectly. At first I was a bit worried that when my dick got hard the ring would squeeze too tightly and I’d have to resort to emergency measures to get my cock soft again…but the ring found its perfect spot just below the glans, with the gap in the ring allowing my frenum skin to squeeze out. For all intents and purposes it looked exactly like a frenum ring – something I had always wanted. In the name of experimentation I got hard, stoked and came with this ring in place and was really pleased that it felt good, looked good and didn’t scratch. Ring rescued…instead of being a bad mistake the seamless ring (with a little imagination) has become a great addition to my collection of cock rings.

Now I wait for the arrival of the 4 gauge bead ring. I’m more than ready for that, for the weight and the larger look. We’ll see if it pops anybody’s eyes out at the gym. It’s tempting to wear the bigger ring and the fake frenum together in public – a bright eye catching flash of steel to show off my cock.

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