Thursday, December 13, 2007

Uh - oh...

I’ve been waiting for a long time to upsize to a 4 gauge, and when I finally decided to order the ring I had to decide what type I wanted. Just for a change I decided to switch from a captive bead ring to a completely smooth ring that I could turn all round. There are some beautiful tribal rings out there with a jewel stone inset, but a stone needs a large enough mount to hold it, and I didn’t want to jump too many sizes at once, so I’ll save the real jewelry for a 00.

I looked at segment rings that work just like a CBR in that they pop apart (with opening pliers) and a segment comes out instead of the bead. In the end I thought that I’d try a type with is called Seamless. Real seamless is impossible unless the ring is welded on, and I’m not ready for a torch so close to my dick – so the seamless ring actually has one joint. I ordered the 4 gauge ring in a 1 inch diameter because I still like the room that the large diameter allows when the cock is hard. I also like the weight and the look – it’s a bit more obvious than something snug. So the ring was ordered even though I didn’t quite understand how it worked. I checked the mail after a week & still nothing, so went online to find out the order status, and discovered that it was delayed because it was a special order. Really?

The ring finally arrived – not very expensive – about $50 – and when I opened it I loved it immediately – so big fat & heavy. Then I started to play with it a bit and discovered that it was as stiff as a link of heavy chain. How the hell was I going to insert the thing? What had I bought? Uh – oh…this could be a problem.

After some more research, I found out that you have to twist it open with pliers, insert it, then twist it back to close the gap. I haven’t inserted the ring yet, since it’s not a thing to do in a minute. First I’ll try preparing a couple of pairs of regular pliers by wrapping the jaws in masking tape so that the ring doesn’t get scratched, and perhaps I’ll have to use some extra padding for protection. We’ll see how the bending goes – I think it will be tough, and haven’t allowed myself to think about the force needed to close the ring and the risk of having 2 straining sets of pliers so close to my own equipment. I’ll try when I’ve got a bit of time to dedicate to the task, but am anxious to have the thing in, well closed, and admire how beautiful it looks.

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Bart said...

hi there ! I have a PA, 5/8", 6 gauge and want to stretch it to 4. At the moment I'm having a segment ring in but the pliers are on the edge of being to open the ring easily ... what do you recommend stretching it to 4 : sticking to the smooth segment ring (which I like very much) or changing to something that can be removed easier ? The point's also that my girlfriend's not really hot about my PA and so I need to be able to remove it regularly. Thanks for the advice ! Bart (Belgium, Europe)