Monday, July 2, 2007

Piss On It

I’ve moved since the last posts so I have a few remarks to add about new circumstances and some about pissing as this seems to be an endless question for guys with new PA’s.

My move meant a new job, one where I sit down a lot as opposed to my former work which kept me always on my feet and mobile. Being mobile required finding the right underwear to keep things in place but loose. For this I usually settled on boxer briefs, but now that I am on my butt most of the time I’ve had to change things up a bit. After a few weeks sitting with my cock & PA all scrunched up between my legs, I started to have a bit of stinging in the urethra (piss slit), probably from being immobile for so long. This was easily fixed by making sure that I gave my PA a good wash regularly and the stinging went away in a matter of days. I also changed underwear type to regular loose boxers that gave my dick a chance to find it’s own place while sitting down. I do still have to stand up regularly and adjust for comfort, but haven’t had a repeat of the stinging, and adjusting is nothing to be ashamed of – it’s just an indication that you have some equipment.

In the midst of my house move I was probably jacking off less, so things got a bit immobilized down there. Now that I’m back to regular cum habits there’s plenty of possibility to my CBR to rotate and reposition itself.

Pissing. I have had so many questions about this that I think it needs an update. From laziness, I now sit down when I piss at home, but every guy knows that it feels better and the bladder seems to empty better if you piss standing up. My solution to this is to piss sitting down, then finish off by standing up. Usually when pissing standing up with a PA, the trickiest moment is aiming the initial stream, because you don’t really know where it’s going to go – depends if there’s any dried cum in the hole for instance. No worries about this if you start off sitting down. Once this is done, the pipes are clear and it’s easier to aim for the last emptying shots. I still do occasionally hit my knees with these squirts, but generally they’re under control. Sometimes there’s an after-drip, so to avoid this I dry my PA and cockhead with a bit of tissue and use the same to clean up any splashes on the toilet seat. All of this is a good trouble free solution for me.

Pissing in public is another story, but this causes fewer problems, mostly because a urinal is an ideal place to piss with a PA – it’s designed to capture splashes and side shots. I think that a lot of guys with new PA’s don’t like the idea that they’re seen using a cubicle in a public washroom (unless it has a known glory hole!) because they think it’s a girlie thing to do. In fact it’s easier to piss (and show off if you want to) into a urinal than toilet bowl (which is made for sitting down), so guys - go for it - don’t be shy - piss standing up in public, and make yourself comfortable by sitting down at home.

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