Wednesday, January 24, 2007

After Six

Living with a 6 gauge x 1” diameter ring is a process of easy accommodation. For a week I could feel that the stretch of the piercing hole which felt a bit tight and sometimes became a mild itch. An itch deserves a scratch – but I was careful not to overdo it. Patience – let the ring do its thing.

I have lived in places where men arrange their privates in public as much as they worry their hair. Having a Prince Albert adds another dimension to the need to adjust the tackle. You feel more down there and sometimes it needs attention, so…go ahead and scratch the itch and if others don’t like to see the act they can look the other way.

A few days after inserting my new CBR and after having a few plier problems, I discovered that I had put four nicks on my brand new ring! Apart from chagrin at my bungling it made me start thinking about a new ring – but again – patience – I’ll enjoy this one and make plans for what the next one will be. The nicks are not deep in any case and they don’t scratch, so I’ll think of them as decoration.

I find myself taking out and putting in my new ring more often, partly for partner preference and partly because it is so easy to do. It is easier with the larger ring because the bead is significantly larger. With the bead removed there is plenty of gap to slide the ring out. Practice makes it easier, I get more oral attention with the ring out and even the act of removing & replacing it can be a sexy thing – but then I’m a guy who thinks that shaving is sexy.

I’m still trying to get the ultimate photo which demonstrates the proportion of cock to ring and haven’t quite got there yet, but have had a huge amount of enjoyment trying.

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