Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Remove & Replace Prince Albert

To resolve my own questions and to accommodate certain moments, I learned how to remove my PA at home and put it back in again. I researched, I bought pliers, I learned, and I didn’t hurt myself.

My PA is a captive bead ring and is not a thick gauge but large in diameter. I like how it feels on my cock. The higher the gauge the thicker the steel, the harder to bend, so mine was not hard to open and close. I suspect that with some force it could be opened enough by hand for the bead to fall out, but brute force isn’t always the way to treat a cock. So I invested in ring opening and closing pliers, which made the operation easy. I chose both pliers according to the size of my current ring.

I wrapped rubber bands on the forks of the opening pliers to protect the jewelry, but a well-placed soft cloth will do. With the bead of the ring turned away from you, put the head of the opening pliers inside the ring of the PA, squeeze the handles, the ring opens nicely, and the bead falls out. Don’t lose it.

Next I opened the ring a bit more with the pliers to make the gap wide enough to pass the flesh between the urethra and the outside of my penis. I rotated the ring around with my fingers until the end popped inside the piercing, and from there I gently pulled the ring straight up out of the slit. Be careful not to scratch the inside of your cock too much as you pull it out – you’ll feel it afterward. And the ring is out.

While I had the ring in my hand, it seemed like a good time to clean it well – don’t drop it down the sink. Clean as well as you can, inside the dimples on the bead. Don’t scratch it.

I waited 24 hours to put the ring back in - not because of any problems – but so I could play a while with a ringless cock. I decided that I liked it better with the ring in.

To put the PA back in, I reversed the procedure. Lube the ring. I didn’t try to push one blunt end of the ring straight into the piss hole, but since the slit is wide enough, just eased one curved end of the ring down the hole, with the gap in the ring facing away from me, down it goes, and before you know it, pop, the end is showing through the piercing. Rotate the ring until the gap is far enough away from you that it won’t slip back in the piercing hole. It wants to move.

Next came the ring closing pliers. Because I haven’t watched any of my insertions too closely, I mistakenly thought that the ring closing pliers would squeeze the ring tightly onto the bead. Not so. Without the bead, use the protected ring pliers to squeeze the gap in the ring smaller, so that with your fingers you can force the bead pop into place with the ring ends into the two bead dimples. This might take a few tries to get the gap space right, but you can re-open the ring a bit with the other pliers if necessary. The bead should snap in tightly – you don’t want to lose it in an awkward moment – but still loose enough so you can rotate the bead a bit. And you’re done.

It is probably easier to replace the ring on a soft cock, but for the rest of the procedure you can let yourself get as excited as you like.

I have read that re-insertion is the tricky part. As I have had a PA for a while, and enjoy the extra urethral stimulation it gives me, I have tried out a gentle sounding. This type of play took away any discomfort or fear I had about sticking a smooth lubed ring partway down my piss hole. I have only ever sounded with my PA in place, and they go well together. This doesn’t mean that someone with an 00ga should also try to stick his finger down the tube. It’s all a matter of what fits and what doesn’t do damage. My piercing is very well healed, and I’ve taken to sometimes forcing my cock to shoot out the cum piercing hole, so I know that the door is definitely open and in good shape.

I can’t see any problem with upsizing gradually at home given the right tools, attention and a bit of practice. I look forward to changing my jewelry to fit any occasion.


Anonymous said...

Very nice.
Mine's only five weks old.
I've taken to changing the 8 ga. ring to different diameters and styles.
Yes, i know I shoildn't be fooling with it yet but I just can't keep my hands off it!
Fortunately, neither can my lovely wife, gotta' love her.

tr6flyer said...

I just read your entire blog. Lots of great information on the process and progress. My PA is just over 8 weeks old, and it is the best thing I have ever done with or to my dick. Ejaculations are so much more intense, and have even attained two orgasims in one jerk off session.
Good info on changing the jewelry. I have been practicing on a captive ring (not in the piercing) and have found that if you close the opening more than needed for the size ball, then hold the ball in place and use the opening pliers applying very light pressure the ball will slip in, relax the pressure on the pliers and the natural spring tension of the steel will compress and hold the ball perfectly in place.
Can't wait until I can change the jewelry as I want.
Do you ever get over having very little control over pissing? I have learned to minimize the spray by turning the head clockwise so the ring is horizontal and not vertical.

Good blog.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking about getting a Prince Albert piercing, and I have a question. I usually find that the most pleasurable way for me to masturbate is by stroking from the underside of my penis up to my urethra and over to the top of my glans, then back down again. Will I still be able to stroke myself in this way with a ring going through my urethra down to the underside of my glans? Thanks!

Muddu said...

To anonymous who asked about masturbating with a PA.
I was also worried before I got my PA that I might make that special spot on the frenum just under the glans, inaccessible and that I would lose sensation. For that reason I have never gone for a frenum piercing as that is right on the spot.
I did find after I had my PA, that in trying to protect the PA when it was tender that I couldn't hit that spot and began to get frustrated. I did discover however that using lube to jack off was just as enjoyable as ever because I could stroke right up over the head and hit the "g-spot" just as well as I ever had.
Once the piercing was well healed I was pleased to discover that it is high enough under the glans to leave me full access to my hot spot. Also with full healing I could bash away at my cock with no pain, in fact the ring moving around gave me extra sensation instead of less sensation. Now I find that if I masturbate without the ring that something is missing. I have no regrets about my PA, it hasn't impeded me at all, particularly as I think that I like to masturbate exactly like you - top of shaft and over the head. An extra bonus with the PA, is that when you go up over the head, the motion slides the ring around with stimulates you inside. Don't worry, you won't lose anything, only add. The great thing about a piercing of course is that if you really don't like it or just can't get the hang of it, you can take it out.

Anonymous said...

I just got my PA 4 days ago. My wife and I think it looks amazing! Still a little sore but getting better. Waiting a week before jerking it is tough because I usually do it once a day at least. I have my eye on the prize and just have to wait.

I have a bent barbell so I don't have much issue with pissing all over the place. I have really done nothing different and all the piss stays within the confines of the toilet. Thankfully I won't have to sit down all the time.

Should be fun experimenting with the various jerk off methods when I can.

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.

Oliver Mcdonnell said...

where can i buy the pliers to open the PA to replace it with a bigger size?