Friday, September 18, 2009

Stand up & Stretch

Two subjects will be covered here: pissing standing up and PA hole stretching.

This was intended to be a blog entry a few months ago, in summer, called Reclaiming the Standing Position. However, procrastination has curbed the enthusiasm and given some perspective to the original thought.

Reclaiming the standing position was meant celebrate the joys and benefits of pissing standing up, which as most PA wearers know, presents a challenge. Except for pissing at a urinal, I’ve always found that pissing sitting down was the easiest way to avoid splashback on trousers. Many people think that piss splash from a PA is because urine is leaking out the PA hole, but this is not correct, unless the piercing jewelry is removed completely or someone has small metal in a large hole. As urine exits the urethra, surface tension helps it follow the easy path of the metal, until it hits either an obstacle like a bead, or loops around the PA ring, then succumbs to the laws of gravity and falls more or less straight down. The stream becomes disturbed in this transition and causes splashback. I am famous for pissing on my right knee, probably because my cock hangs naturally to the left.

During the summer it became much easier to shed the shorts completely and piss standing up, using minimal directional control on the cock itself. Bottom naked, I still get splashed on the knee sometimes, but at least bare legs are easier to clean up. I thought that I’d hit the jackpot, because I really do prefer a standing piss. Didn’t have to manhandle the cock, just guide it gently, and I was into real man-piss satisfaction. I realized also that ending the piss flow in spurts as most men do, gave a very good workout to the pubococcygeus muscles, those muscles that kegel exercises assist for better ejaculatory sensations and prostate health.

Well this is good…standing up, minimum mess, sex exercise…joy…and then autumn hit. We’re back into long trousers and shoes make it much more difficult to strip just to take a quick piss. Back to sitting down. Not pleased. However, I realized that I should piss standing when I can, not get into the habit of sitting down…keep the best of both worlds and don’t neglect one for the other.

The stretching part of this post is just a brief note on the slow adventures of upsizing. As in a previous entry I explained that I had bought a larger gauge ring, still haven’t been able to get it in, it still has sharp edges, bought an insertion taper, tried a bit but worried about blowout, trying again lately with better results.

This means that after letting time pass for my 4gauge to do its work, the insertion taper now goes in much easier and farther. Every couple of days I take out my ring and work the taper in and out a bit, twist it, lubricate it, and send it back through the hole to stay there and do its work. Erections give the operation a pleasurable edge and are recommended. In that state also there is a compulsion to play a bit, and some alternate sounding & hole stretching makes a good combination. The insertion taper is good for a shallow sound. The reverse of this system of course, is that a sound can also be used as a PA hole stretcher.

In all of this stretching and PA ring gauges, I am constantly looking up conversion charts because I buy jewelry in both gauges and millimeters depending on where it comes from. To that end I include a conversion chart.

Gauge Millimeters

20 0.812

18 1.024

16 1.291

14 1.628

12 2.053

10 2.588

8 3.264

6 4.115

4 5.189

2 6.544

0 8.251

00 9.266

000 11.110

0000 12.710

5/8" 15.875

3/4" 19.050

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