Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Feel the Burn

After living and playing with my PA for the last few years, I finally started to have a problem in the form of irritation & redness on the bottom exit of the urethra. This is the point where the PA ring exits the piss slit, and is the point that takes the most weight movement of the ring.

I immediately jumped to a “Please No” thought that I might not be able to wear a PA, or at least not such a large one. Was this the start of the dreaded migration? Am I allergic? Do they make large gauge acrylic PA’s?

After a few days of gentle treatment but with no improvement I resigned myself to the obvious and removed the PA. Although this is a simple process, and I often take it out for sex, I didn’t like the idea of removing it out a long period of time. Early in my journey I had removed my ring for 2 days and had a few anxious moments putting it back in. Now I’m an old hand and the hole has definitely healed open. As an aside, I noticed during PA absence that I don’t drip at all when pissing…the hole stays closed enough.

After the urethral irritation subsided a bit, I put a smaller gauge ring in, and went with that for a while. The problem didn’t entirely disappear however so I was back thinking the worst. It then occurred to me that the problem had begun at the same time I restarted swimming. The pool I use is a public one and is heavily dosed with chemicals. I need goggles to prevent my eyes burning. The cause became clear to me. I have a large ring that moves a lot because it can, its gauge is large enough to hold my urethra open a bit, I wear loose speedos in the pool to give my equipment some room. Probably the piss slit irritation was caused by chlorine.

I put this out on a PA forum and it seems that some men have had this problem and some haven’t. I believe my problem was a combination of all of the above factors, the most important being the strong chemistry of the pool. But…I like to swim, the pool’s in my complex, and there are other ways to deal with this. My method is to take the ring out before swimming and put it back in after shower. One contributor suggested pissing in the pool shower to wash any chlorine residue out of the urethra, and I must admit that this is the simplest low-tech solution.

Things got better, the irritation disappeared, I passed a tentative week with my smaller gauge PA and had no problem, and am now proudly back up to my habitual 4 gauge and happy again. Crisis, what crisis?


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HucktheFuskies said...

Just got one and let me tell you, "ouch ". It hurt more than when I cut my ankle down to the bone, exposing everything your skin hides. That said, totally fucking cool. I just got it done three days ago and the bleeding has stop, and i wore boxers and Jeans yesterday with a few uncomfortable moments, but nothing that I couldn't handle. At this point, I wanna use it. My gf hasn't seen it in person but its her new masturbation material and loves it. I'm sure your gf or bf will dig it too. Btw, no tats only piercing conservative Catholic.

I'd like to know from those who bat from the other side of the plate, whether anal is doable. My gf says "oh no, not gonna happen "

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Yea the pool does irritated it abit. I had a PA for alittle over 6 yrs, going all the way to a 00 gauge. I think the initial weight of daily activities also causes abit of irritation. Curved barbells are the road to take I think, less to play with though

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Just got one two weeks ago today everything is working. got pierced at a 6 and jewelery was a 4. Awesome experience