Sunday, July 15, 2007

Shake It Off

Too much stroking - gave myself a raw spot on the rim of my dickhead, so I’ve been trying to abstain to let things get back to normal. It could be from a few sessions of unlubed meat beating – and I mean beating – getting really wild with the thing. I cum just too fast with lube, if I’m hot enough a few strokes will do it, so I sometimes try to make myself last longer by dry wanking, I probably got a bit too energetic. It could be because my cock head is on the big side with a nice helmet ridge – that’s where I did the damage. Nothing to do with the PA, just regular guy stuff overindulgence.

Anyway – abstinence is not easy. I let myself go with lube a few times, and even though the red spot didn’t get any worse, it set back my return to smooth unblemished dick. I managed last week to get off by carefully avoiding the front of the dickhead (not the part where the PA comes out) by stroking the sweet spot frenulum just below where the PA exits. It works, and it’s always a pleasure to find new ways to shoot a load.

The other night however, after a couple of days of resistance, I couldn’t help pulling my cock out for a shake, and discovered that once I was raging hard, the shaking of my large diameter PA felt fantastic. So…I carried on this way for a few minutes, again avoiding touching the head, and got so worked up, I realized that I could probably cum this way. It wasn’t very filmable (too fast), not very pretty, but what a hot sensation. Then sure enough, with a bit of concentration, the balls started to churn, the stomach pit got butterflies, and I shook that big PA ring from side to side and presto, the surge came to a head and my cock shot it’s load.

My PA is in no way tender and can take a lot of tugging, tying up and rough play. Urethral play is a great stimulator as I have discovered by sounding, but I didn’t know that I could cum from piss slit play alone. I can’t wait to go again!

The next night, with a sleep hardon, the pressure of my cock around my PA gave me a sweet wet dream. It’s a great feeling when you’re asleep and realize that in your dream your are throbbing, aching and on the verge of cumming, and are then startled awake by and explosive orgasm. It’s a great sensation, which I credit to the PA shaking from the night before which probably tenderized my hole enough to make it even more sensitive than usual.


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